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About indiebookclub

indiebookclub is an app for keeping track of the books you are reading or want to read. It is primarily intended to help you own your data by posting directly to your own site with Micropub. If your site does not support Micropub yet, you can still post to your indiebookclub profile.

If you are using Micropub, your posts will be linked to the canonical copy on your site. There are no plans to make indiebookclub a complex social network, but I might add features like a stream of newly-added books.

The Name

During IndieWebCamp Baltimore 2018, Marty McGuire made a comment that he will be more interested in indieweb read posts when there’s “some aggregator like indiebookclub dot biz.” That domain name was obviously a joke, but that has rarely stopped me before.


Inspired by and using open source code from Aaron Parecki’s Teacup and Quill.

Book” icon by Beth Bolton from the Noun Project.

Maintained by gRegor Morrill.